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Free Delivery to Your Door

Delivery is always Free for orders of $40 or more to locations from Cross Roads to Bridgeport and Gainesville to Carrollton. That includes all of Denton county! We can determine a fuel fee for delivery to locations elsewhere in the metroplex just text, email, or call today. Contact

  • Missed scheduled deliveries will be billed in full and food will be given to a family in need.

Farmers market or Farm Pick-up

Most Fridays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. you’ll find us socialising and slingin’ lettuce at the Robson Ranch clubhouse parking lot. Back to our roots! We are glad to announce that we will be working the Denton Community Market on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY come on out to pick up your order at the farm.

We produce a variety of farm and homestead products. Flip through the gallery, read on and get in touch to see what’s in season!


Blackberries, Fig and other fruit

Through biodynamic and organic practices, we maintain a diverse population of soil microbes and have a carbon positive effect on our soils. Healthy soils mean great production and high nutrition. Our blackberry fields and small orchards are fertilized through the use of mobile poultry coops and organic compost which allow us to raise healthy happy chickens and satiate the blackberries’ thirst for nitrogen to render the very best blackberries around. Contact


We offer all cuts of poultry and even custom cuts along with fresh, frozen, or canned bone broth. We raise our poultry with the goal of providing them with the happiest healthiest life we can. We feed all our birds with a soy free peanut meal based ration. Through use of mobile coops, the chickens/turkeys stay on fresh grass and forage with access to sunshine and shade their entire lives after leaving the brooder. Our ducks are done a bit differently. They start in the brooder, then move to the mobile coop for a few weeks until they have enough feathers to be waterproof when they get what all ducks really want… a pond to splash around in. Here, they finish out their days duckin around in their pond.

All processing is done on site. We strictly process small batches of 30-50 at a time in order to ensure the same level of care goes into each bird guaranteeing you get only the highest quality poultry from our farm. After plucking and evisceration, all of our poultry is air chilled in a digitally controlled/monitored cooler before packaging. Air-chilled means no extra water in your meat which drastically improves flavor. If you know, you know. Without the use of chilling water, we eliminate the need to over expose your food to bleach or other sanitizing chemicals used in industrial poultry production.

At BBBB we don’t let anything go to waste. Poultry scraps are made into bone broth, while the eviscera are composted for the next seasons garden or pasture improvement, wherever it is most needed by the time its ready for use. Contact

Honey/Cottage Foods

To help ensure a good crop of blackberries each year we employ the assistance of thousand of helpers yet we have NO employees…. instead we just partner with a few hives of bees. They get pollen and nectar and we get a well pollinated blackberry crop. Plus, as a bonus we get some blackberry honey each year that we share with you. In order to incorporate, the bees we have to be extremely careful that none of our agricultural practices bring them harm. We utilize only the minimum of organic pesticide sprays according to strict integrated pest management but our farm proves that soil health and fertility leads to better plant health which means plants are more resilient to pest pressure which allows for such limited use of pesticides. Contact

Greenhouse/Outdoor produce Gardens

While we do grow a few outdoor gardens for things that don’t require much attention like squash, okra, peppers etc. our greenhouse was built for both berry propagation and vegetable production. All year long, we grow lettuce and alternating veggies like radish, carrots, and beets and scallions. We also try to keep in the rotation other greens such as swiss chard, spinach or arugula. Our best seller and most highly recommended is our 8 lettuce blend. It consists of 8 different sweet lettuces and will have you hooked guaranteed. Check out the shop and order some today! Contact

Eat well. Be healthy.

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